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The 36 Faces of Justin Timberlake included herein are oil paintings on lids of mason jars. If used properly, the Faces of Justin Timberlake may be employed as a fortune-telling device via a cartomancy method based on the Lenormand Oracle Cards, named for Marie Anne Adelaide Lenormand (circa 1772-1843), a professional French cartomancer/fortune-teller during the Napoleonic era. An image of Madame Lenormand is shown above.

Each Face of Justin Timberlake is assigned a specific meaning which may be viewed by hovering over or clicking on the Face. A spread of Faces may be generated and read in a variety of ways. In the method presented here, a querent chooses either the Man Face or the Woman Face as a Significator from which to read a spread of the Faces. A chosen Significator is the Face against which the position of all the other Faces are judged. Once the Significator choice is submitted, a spread of Faces is generated and guidance provided. A reader may then choose other Significators from which to read the generated spread.

The identification of a Significator may be based on a variety of personal factors such as the mood of the querent, a desired query, the sex of the querent, etc. For example, in identifying a Significator, a querent may choose a Face of Justin Timberlake which closely reflects a given mood or desire. As another example, a male querent may choose the Man Face as a Significator, while a female querent may choose the Woman Face as a Significator. The Child Face may be chosen as a Significator for a very young querent, the Lily Face may be chosen as a Significator for an elderly querent, the Tree for health issues, the House for home/house issues, the Fox for career issues, the Tower for legal issues, the Clover for money/luck issues, the Bear for money issues, the Fish for business issues, etc.

There are many different ways to read the Faces of Justin Timberlake in a spread. Some readers believe that a Face of Justin Timberlake may change its meaning to its opposite according to whether it is near or far from the chosen Significator. For example, the Tree Face close to the Significator would show that the querent must pay attention to their health. The Tree Face far away from the Significator would show that the querent can expect good health. Faces to the left and down of the Significator indicate the past; Faces to the right and above, the future. Clover would indicate good luck for the querent if close to the Significator, but, if lying far from the Significator, bad luck may dog the querent. Clouds close to the Significator would indicate problems, but far away would show that any problems would be easily overcome. Most readers pay close attention to combinations of Faces of Justin Timberlake, as negative Faces can alter the meanings of otherwise positive Faces. For example, Ring next to Scythe shows a broken relationship, or a divorce. Child plus Road shows twins. Star plus Lily shows retirement.

(The divination algorithm used herein was designed and coded by bijijoo. If you have any questions, suggestions, or success stories you'd like to share, please contact bijijoo.)